Women's Empowerment Fund - Together, planting a forest!

One Tree Planted Women's Empowerment Fund

In honour of International Women's Day, we are proud to announce that we will be supporting One Tree Planted and the establishment of their Women’s Empowerment Fund for Reforestation. This fund is dedicated to supporting reforestation projects worldwide that are led by and/or benefit women.

The connection between women and nature has been present throughout history – dating back to Ancient Greece with Gaia, a mythic personification of Mother Nature. Because of this, the connection between healthy forests and women is a deeply rooted one.

When undertaken thoughtfully and with consideration for gender equity, reforestation can create a powerful combination of benefits, including restoring degraded ecosystems, absorbing carbon, and empowering women. By planting trees to promote gender equity, you are making a lasting social and environmental impact!

The Women's Empowerment Fund for Reforestation was established to address two critical objectives: promoting environmental sustainability through reforestation and advancing gender equality by empowering women in leadership roles within the environmental sector. This fund will support reforestation projects that most need funding and actively involve women at all levels of decision-making and implementation.

The fund's focus on women's empowerment aligns with the principles of gender equality and social justice. Research also shows that women's involvement in forestry and conservation can lead to more sustainable outcomes and greater community engagement. By supporting women-led reforestation initiatives, we strive to address systemic barriers and promote inclusivity within the environmental movement.

From the start of International Women's Day on March 8th until midnight on March 10th, Luminiquea pledges to plant ten trees for every order placed.

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