What is wheatstraw?

At Luminiquea, we are proud to share that we have made a conscious choice to use wheatstraw packaging for our products, pushing aside the conventional options of plastic or glasses.

What is Wheatstraw?

Wheatstraw's story stretches back through centuries of human ingenuity. Throughout history, this versatile material has been used for weaving baskets, crafting thatched roofs, and even creating paper.

Wheatstraw is a remarkable agricultural byproduct derived from the stalks left behind after harvesting wheat grains. Instead of discarding these stalks as waste, we turn this abundant resource into our eco-friendly packaging.

Wheatstraw is a sustainable alternative to using plastics, yet wheatstraw is just as effective and durable as plastics. It has all of the qualities of plastic, but Unlike plastics that remain for centuries, wheatstraw naturally decomposes into organic matter. It beautifully reverts back to the Earth, completing the circle of life.

This means you can enjoy our products guilt-free, knowing they won't leave a long-lasting negative impact.
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