Skin-Loving Ingredients For Colder Weather

British Summertime is now a distant memory, and the arrival of colder weather signals a persistent chill.

This shift creates a more challenging environment for our skin, often leaving it dehydrated in its wake.


To counteract this, incorporating ingredients into your skincare regimen that are rich, nourishing, and exceptionally hydrating is a simple yet effective strategy.

Apricot Kernel Oil: Derived from the seeds, this lightweight yet deeply nourishing ingredient is replete with essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E. It effortlessly penetrates the skin, delivering intense hydration and rejuvenation. Experience a revitalized complexion as apricot kernel oil restores moisture balance, smooths fine lines, and imparts a youthful glow.

Apricot Butter: Extracted from the kernel, this luxurious emollient is renowned for its protective and soothing properties. Packed with antioxidants, it forms a natural barrier, safeguarding the skin from environmental stressors while alleviating inflammation and irritation.

Cocoa Butter: Beyond its delectable aroma, this ingredient is a powerhouse of vitamin E and skin-softening properties. Obtained through a cold-pressed process, Organic Cocoa Butter retains vital antioxidants from the cocoa bean, resulting in a creamy, thick butter that combats dryness and shields the skin from harsh conditions.

Vitamin E: Adding a touch of this potent natural antioxidant to your skincare routine can elevate any product. Packed with skin-loving benefits, a small amount of this thick, golden oil is incorporated into treatment creams, cleansers, balms, and other products seeking a boost from this skin-enhancing ingredient.

At Luminiquea HQ, we exclusively employ opulent oils, sumptuous butters, and other extraordinary ingredients, ensuring a commitment to deliver skincare that leaves your skin luxuriously smooth and radiant in the months ahead.

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